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We see you. We hear you. We are here for you. 

Your Service Matters.

You have served your country and love your rural life. However, locating the resources you need in a rural setting can be a struggle. You aren’t asking for a handout. You are asking for fulfillment of the support you have already earned.

You Matter. 

We understand that struggle here at Operation Honor: Rural Salute. That is why it is our mission to connect rural veterans from around the country with local resources and community.

Image by Tim Mossholder

Meet Operation Honor: Rural Salute.

Army wife Michelle Lang knows this struggle firsthand. In rural America, the simple life offers great peace, family, and community, but finding the medical, financial, and mental health resources owed for veterans can be a challenge. Operation Honor: Rural Salute™ is here to change all of that.

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Operation Honor: Rural Salute is a 501C3 nonprofit dedicated to connecting rural veterans to local resources and the community of fellow veterans. We do this through our interactive map, online community, and rural events that happen throughout the year.

We Do The Recon.
So You Don't Have To.

Connecting Veterans and Organizations

We help veterans and their caregivers find local resources to help in all areas of life: 

  • Behavioral Health, Counseling and Addiction

  • Healthcare and Medical Services 

  • Employment and Career Assistance

  • Financial Aid and Literacy

  • Holistic Wellness and Life Balance 

  • Housing and Homelessness Support

  • Benefits and Claims Assistance

  • FItness and Community Connection

  • Legal Aid and Advocacy


While also providing online and in-person community and connection for veterans and their caregivers.

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Stay Connected

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Partner Together

We never charge veterans or organizations to be part of the VHP community. We are able to this through the generous gifts of pro- America indviduals and companies.

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