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Connect Faster With The Veteran Community

The Forgotten Heroes

Finding the right resources as a veteran can be tough, but with our Operation Honor: Rural Salute Map, we’ve made it easier than ever before. Our interactive map is designed to help veterans connect with local organizations, businesses, and services that offer top-notch support and care. We pride ourselves on our extensive rating process, ensuring that our users will only find the best of the best on our map.

Rating Process

At Operation Honor: Rural Salute Map, we believe that every veteran deserves the highest quality services and products, no matter where they live. That's why we've developed a rigorous rating process that evaluates businesses on five key areas:

  • Availability,

  • Customer service,

  • Veteran support,

  • Problem solving and

  • Cost to the veterans.


Our thorough evaluation process is designed to ensure that veterans receive the highest-quality services and products from businesses that are dedicated to supporting our nation's heroes.

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Join Us

As an organization, it costs you nothing to be part of the Operation Honor: Rural Salute Community. To begin, click the link below and submit your information. 

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